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With SponsorKliks, you can now contribute to the finances of your association/foundation without it costing you a cent!

Order a pizza online and your sponsored organisation will receive money in its treasury. You can also order from various online shops, such as About You,, Coolblue, and Expedia via the categories in the menu. A percentage of the purchase sum will be transferred to your sponsor goal. And, once again, it won't cost you any extra money!

Would you also like to sponsor your association FOR FREE? Make sure you do your online shopping through the SponsorKliks page of your club. No trouble at all for you, direct income for your association. Just imagine all members, supporters and other people involved doing this. So, share this with anyone who might like to support your club.

How does it work?
It's very simple. Online shops pay a commission for each order placed through We deposit 75% of this commission into the bank account of your association or foundation. Whether you visit directly or through, you pay the exact same amount. Only, in the latter case, pays us a commission and your association profits from this!

Please note: no commission on books
In the Netherlands, we have a legally fixed book price, which means NO commission on books may be granted.

Why SponsorKliks?
SponsorKliks has been active since 2011 and is placed in the highest commission segment in most shops thanks to the high turnovers we deliver. Because thousands of associations actively participate, we are able to make very advantageous and often exclusive commission agreements with shops. Thanks to these scale advantages, SponsorKliks pays the highest net commission in the market!

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